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Apples To Apples


Few times in life you meet someone who you had no idea, but he is the one you were waiting for. 
today we were introduced to appleseeds, a beautiful organisation that is investing on building a bridge between the Startup Nation and the Israel's geographic and social periphery. In other terms they are bring exactly what was missing  to this project.

  1. Experience in running a school 

  2. Connections to other israeli hi-tech companies

  3. They work from management downwards, as we, as working ants attacked this project from our colleagues, who later harnessed their managers and companies.​

  4. Teaching methodologies 

  5. AppleSeeds graduates are great candidates for the ops school

Last but not least,

Apple seeds share the same passion for hi-tech and social responsibility so as it looks now, its a match made in haven.