Coming Semester

Training Prerequisites

The coming fall semester is targeted at Linux/MS system administrators, QA engineers, DBAs etc.

Below is a list of suggested prerequisites for registration.


  • Familiarity with Operating System fundamental concepts – A power user knowledge of administration tasks and understanding of security rights, some understanding of the difference between an OS in a home environment and in an Enterprise environment is a plus.

  • Basic scripting programming or any development experience.

  • Basic networking knowledge.

  • Experience with System administration (Linux or Windows, storage).

  • Hands-on application configuration and troubleshooting.

  • Passion for technology and analytical skills.

  • Familiarity with basic monitoring principles.

Training Duration

The coming Spring semester is due Winter 2020.

The training will take 4-5 months.

Sessions will be held once a week between 18:00 and 22:00 IL.

Training Location

The Sessions will be held at the partner companies' home offices, Detailed location information will be given on registration.


Making money is not one of our goals for this project !!!

Non of the partners' main business is training, and their participation in this project is voluntary. They are volunteering to assist those who would like to join the new operations world and enlarge the community.

The fee will be symbolic, as Earnest fees, no more.

Nonetheless, we consider this a top-notch school and take this project very seriously. We would like to ensure that our students address it in the same manner.

Self learning

Large parts on the training will be done at home, alone or in groups.

There are two main motivations for this:

  1. All of our instructors are active operations engineers in their companies and we would like to make the best use of their time. They will be there for you, but you will have to do much of the work yourself.

  2. This is what happens in the real operations world and we want to experience how operations engineers works in reality. We have guidance from our managers and mentors but self learning is a must, and constant learning is part of the fun of ops.

But don't you worry - we will not leave you alone. Our instructors will be there for you as you progress in your studies, so you can always ping one of us and we'll be there to guide you.



  • Coding & Source control

  • CICD Pipeline

  • Service Discovery & Load Balancing

  • Databases Overview

  • Containers and Kubernetes

  • Cloud Infrastructure

  • Advanced Automation

  • Configuration management

  • Monitoring & Alerting overview

  • Event and Log analysis

  • Debugging prod issues

  • New ops culture


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