Our Instructors

OpsSchool is operated by leading hi-tech companies. All of our instructors are active engineers in their companies. You will learn from professionals teaching from their experience, success and the pain of real live systems.

Mickey Shaul


OpsSchool Manager

Senior Solution Architect at NetApp. All around player with ability to get Technical at both Infrastructure and Software Engineering aspects. Always eager to learn new technologies and meet new people

Yaron Amir


OpsSchool Founder and Manager Emeritus

In the last years Yaron was leading the Outbrain ops data team, managing thousands of data servers with big Data technologies such as Cassandra, mysql and Hadoop.

Yaron found his passion in passing the knowledge to others and decided to start the OpsSchool from within Outbrain

Guy Radzi


OpsSchool Tech Evangelist

Gai is a tech lead in outbrain infra-net team

Avishai Ish-Shalom

Aleph VC

"​in a world where every device has an API, everything is a software problem"

Avishai is an experienced engineering leader:  mentored, trained and supervised engineering teams in various capacities. As a community leader Avishai organize conferences, meetups and other events

Lev Andelman


co-founder of SkyWiz. More than 15 years of experience with managing large scale production environments. 

Eyal Stoler



BDFL Coding

Eyal have been leading multiple Development & Devops teams in the past years with emphasis on building systems the scale and maintain quality of delivery. With a constant passion to learn & develop, Eyal enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and provide mentoring on the various aspects in his field of practice.

Omri Niv


Omri is data operations engineer in Outbrain where he is part of a team that manage various databases at

Tom Sender


Full Stack Engineer in HiredScore.
Tom has years of experience in performance testing, system resilience, and Production awareness

Ariel Moskovich


Ariel Lead DevOps at Appsflyer, building and running large scale production, before that worked as a Senior Ops engineer at Outbrain and Orbitz

Niv Yungelson


Lead DevOps at Skycure (now acquired by Symantec).

Love technology and bad puns.

Tsahi Duek


Solutions Architect @Spot

“Production Scale” is not a slogan - It’s a way of life.

Designed & developed system for managing production environments for the past 13 years

Adam Bihari


Lead DevOps Engineer at SecuriThings. Has been building and managing production systems for well over a decade. Loves the moment something he built starts running for the first time.

Shaked Shauli


Shaked is DevOps lead in Curv. Specializes in building advanced CI/CD flows and managing production operations.

Arie Belenki


Technology and Software Development enthusiast and a pretty good guitar player

Gil Zellner


Gil is a senior engineer at Appsflyer where he tries to make infrastructure more reliable and easier to use. In the past Gil worked for Oracle Data Cloud, Gigaspaces/Cloudify and Gett.

Andrei Burd


Senior Infrastructure engineer. 

Makes technology do whatever he needs.

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