The Awe Of Production


We’ve met with almost 10 companies, All think the ops school is  a great idea, but...

   how do we move forward?

   How do we decide what's in or out of the curriculum?

   who should be the audience we target first?


We’ve talked to all companies and decided to go with what comes out as the most common ground, chef/python/linux and so on.

Specific curriculum is still under discussion, but a decision needs to be made, and a not perfect decision is better than no decision so we will just decide and worst come to worst we will make adjustments as we move forward.

Understanding production:

One of the subjects that were brought up during the meetings over and over is understanding production.  Production require awe.


     awe - a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.


Awe is not taught, it's acquired, often painfully, and usually with some sleepless nights. So how do you teach owe? You don't! Most israelis served in the military, anyone who served in the military at one point or another slepped with his gun, under his pillow, or in his/or hers sleeping bag, and this is what we plan to do.

Our students will own their production environment they will be paged when it breaks, alerted, they will live, with their production sites under their pillow.

how do you do that in training? I have no Idea, but we'll find away, we are operations, we always find a way.

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