What is OpsSchool?

OpsSchool is a non profit project for and by the DevOps community aiming to train operations professionals.

OpsSchool was founded by Outbrain and currently operated by NetApp, but is a shared project of leading hi-tech companies in Israel.

Our goal is to enlarge the operations community, and at the same time contribute to those who would like to take the leap to the "new ops" and need a helping hand.

New Ops?

"New Ops" or as some call it, DevOps, is more than a buzzword.

As a "New Ops" engineer you will not just install a Cassandra cluster, but rather write an Ansible playbook that will install and configure it for you.

As a "New Ops" engineer you will not operate the developers' code in production, but rather develop the tools that will enable the developers to operate, control and monitor their own software in production.

As a "New Ops" engineer you will spend most of your time writing code and automation tasks rather than perform manual operations.

Does that mean that as a "New Ops" engineer you can get rid of your Linux skills?  Hardly.

It does mean that you need to acquire a whole new set of skills, such as coding, automation, and a different perspective of your production environment.

We are here to help you do  just that.

OpsSchool Alliance

A shared problem requires a shared solution.
The shortage of new ops engineers is a worldwide challenge.
As the market changes and the need for new ops engineers increases, most companies struggle with hiring new ops engineers. 

The knowledge gap between ops and new ops means a long on-boarding process that few companies can endure, and few applicants have the skills necessary to breach that gap by themselves. We see this frustration on both sides of the interviewing table, recruiters and recruits.
OpsSchool alliance is an ensemble of the leading companies in the operations field, managing thousand (and at times much more) of servers and services in an agile production environment. We have came together to solve these problems using our shared knowledge and resources.

One Podcast is worth a thousand words


We invite you to take a break and listen to a podcast on the OpsSchool initiative, רוורס עם פלטפורמה 

opsSchool - רוורס עם פלטפורמה
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